Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Care

When you’ve made the decision to help out a loved one by helping them into a residential care home, you might have some questions. It’s good to follow your instincts. Besides, who knows your loved ones wants and needs better than you? At East West Care, we understand your desire to ask a lot of questions, but many times the family members of our loved ones find themselves stressing later over the questions they forgot to ask. We wanted to compile a checklist of the types of questions you may have about your family member or loved one as they move into a residential care facility.

You’ve decided that living in residential care is the best decision for your loved one. That means these questions are the ones you should be asking yourself and the staff of any residential care facility you are considering.

  1. Is there space available now or do you need to be on a waiting list? If your loved one needs care now, you’ll have to know if the facility will move incoming patients around based on need, or if you will need to reserve an opening for when they have enough space.
  2. What does this facility cost? Residential care facilities can charge based off of need or according to a single flat rate. Many residential care homes may increase costs every year that your loved one lives there.
  3. Will your insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare be accepted?
  4. Will they provide references for family members of current residents living within the facility?
  5. What needs does this facility meet? Many residential care facilities can accommodate a variety of special needs and ailments, including diabetics, incontinence, dementia, wheelchair access, and even hospice.
  6. Do they provide activities? Mental stimulation is needed for all people, not just the vulnerable or elderly.
  7. Do they provide care assessments? A reputable residential care facility will judge the quality of your loved one’s care, making sure all needs are met to your standards as well as noting areas of improvement.
  8. How is medical care provided? Does a physician or nurse practitioner come to the facility? Does the facility provide transportation to take residents to doctor appointments? Are residents required to use the pharmacy selected by the facility? What happens if your loved one is temporarily hospitalized?
  9. Is the facility licensed by the state? If it is, staff should be able to provide inspections and reviews that you should be able to check over.
  10. Is there a security system? Many residents—especially those with dementia— may wander, so figuring out if your loved one can get out is important.
  11. Is it clean? Smells are very hard to avoid in an unsanitary environment. Beds should be checked and changed regularly. All furniture should be in good condition as well.
  12. In the community areas, do the residents seem happy? Are there activities available in which residents can participate? Sit with the residents and see if they are enjoying their time there.

Residential care and Redwood City

East West Care provides the warmth and comfort of home with a well-trained staff and around-the-clock care for your loved one. Don’t hesitate to provide them with the care they deserve. At East West Care, we are proud to offer residential care for seniors in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area of California. To learn more about East West Care, or to schedule a tour of our residential care home, give us a call at (650) 261-3593.

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