Getting Care for an Aging Parent

We spend most of our lives having our parents take care of us, but as we become adults, the transition in roles becomes commonplace as parents become senior citizens. Even if we research and prepare, we may not be fully ready for the impact on our lives as our parents age – especially if they are still in relatively good health and living on their own as senior citizens. In time, however, you may need to make some important and difficult decisions about obtaining care for your aging parents. Here are some tips on the process, as compiled by the residential elder care experts at East West Care.

Your parent’s physical and emotional well-being can change drastically as they age.

When physical and mental vitality begin to decline, your parent can experience visible and profound changes in their appearance and standard of life. As children, we want the best for our parents. That means making sure they can live out their remaining years as happy and healthy as they can be. Elder care helps provide for the emotional, mental, and physical welfare of an aging family member.

Elder care seeks to make sure the daily living requirements are met for your aging parent. These requirements include feeding oneself, functional mobility (such as performing activities, getting in and out of bed safely, and getting in and out of a chair), dressing, personal hygiene, including bathing or showering and toilet hygiene. Perhaps your parent still can meet all these needs. However, health problems and mobility issues may make it difficult for your parent to fulfill these requirements independently – underscoring the need for help through elder care.

Elder care supplies a wide array of services to help meet daily living requirements.

These services include cooking and other meal preparation, cleaning and maintaining the living space, helping to conduct personal hygiene routines, and even helping an elderly person in and out of bed or in and out of a chair if necessary. You can trust in the professional caregivers at a qualified, reputable elder care facility; these employees have been vetted, trained, and educated in the specific set of skills and compassionate mindset needed to provide elders the high level of personal care they deserve at this stage in life.

Elder care in Redwood City

East West Care prides itself on providing a high level of residential care for our elderly patients. Our facility is intended for people who need some assistance in their daily routine, but have not declined to the point that they require 24-hour nursing care. We provide room, board, housekeeping, and personal care assistance while also managing and distributing needed medications.

You can trust us to care for your aging parent if the need arises. To learn more about East West Care and the specific services we provide, please call us at 650-421-6715 to schedule a tour of our Redwood City facility.

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