Is It Still Safe For Mom To Stay At Home

Caring for elderly loved ones can become a complicated and stressful situation. Many people want to have their loved ones stay in their homes. Assisted living care seems expensive, and often like a betrayal of a family member’s wishes. That is why caregivers work so hard. However, a situation where loved ones are at home can be demanding. You must ensure that everyone involved is in a place they can be safe. You have to keep yourself and your caregivers at full health. No one should be overworked. That’s why at East West Care we want to help you make the smartest decision when it comes to keeping your mom or dad in your home as they age.

Understanding what needs must be met and if we can meet them

When we love someone, we tend to think we know what is best for them. When caring for elderly people, their needs always should come first. Start by making a list of the care your loved ones will have to receive. As you’re doing daily tasks, take out a notebook and jot down a list of daily prerequisites:

Do they need help dressing, eating, or in the restroom?

Do you have an overview of their daily routine?

Do they need care only in the daytime hours, at night or is 24/7 supervision required?

When we devote ourselves to caregiving for our loved ones we don’t always think about the big picture, but you should take the time and make sure you have a clearly designed care plan. If you have your plan thought out and written down, be realistic. Can you solely provide the care that is needed? If not, you should reconsider the plan. You can harm your own health and burn yourself out. You’re human. You need to rest and exist for yourself, and not just go at 110 percent until you have a breakdown.

Consider getting help.

It’s immensely important to reduce your stress. Even if it takes some patience and some finagling it can better the lives of you and your loved ones. First, try reaching out to family members. Even if they can’t do what you do—such as help with chores, finances, and personal care—maybe they can help with errands or transportation. Any commitment someone else can handle is a weight you don’t have to carry. You might be surprised and find out your family members want to share the caregiving responsibilities. Your siblings may want to take over the caregiving for a couple weeks at a time and then switch. This can seem imperfect, but it definitely can be a workable solution.

If that isn’t an option, consider automating your errands. Grocery delivery companies are becoming more popular and there are many programs for people to come to you and lift off some of the weight of your daily load. Next, we also recommend adult day programs. Seniors have lots of options for socialization and they’re probably craving it. Finally, consider using in-home care or respite care services. Respite care services are short-term caregiving services that take place in the home or at an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. If you aren’t interested in short-term solutions, then in-home staff is a must. In the home, these trained caregivers can do anything from meal preparation and shopping to providing socialization opportunities and medical checks.

Residential care for the elderly in Redwood City

We understand your struggles. Whether they’re financial or physical or emotional, East West Care is here for you. Sometimes, the difficult decision has to be made for your parent to live out of the home to receive the care she needs. For families in this situation, East West Care is proud to offer residential care for seniors in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area of California. To learn more about East West Care or take a tour of our residential home, give us a call at (650) 261-3593 to make an appointment.

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