Signs of Dementia in an Aging Parent

Alzheimer’s dementia affects one of every 10 Americans over the age of 65 years old. Is your parent starting to have sudden, significant changes in behavior? Is he or she having trouble remembering things? Determining if your parent has dementia is never an easy thing, and it can be an agonizing time for both the child and the parent. Your residential care experts at East West Care want to help. Here are six signs of dementia you should look for in an aging parent.

Sign 1) Struggling with memory or cognition on a daily basis

As we age, an occasional lapse in memory is common. When someone starts to have problems remembering something or thinking clearly more regularly, this is a concern. Making notes of specific examples of these memory and cognition issues can be helpful when the time comes for your parent to be evaluated by a doctor.

Sign 2) Problems learning something new

Is your parent having significant trouble learning how to use a new appliance, gadget, or mobile phone? Keep a record of what specific issues your parent is having trouble with, and also how he or she tried to solve the dilemma.

Sign 3) Trouble managing finances

Does your parent suddenly have extra expenses? Is money being sent with no apparent rhyme or reason? Are bills or taxes starting to go unpaid? Asking your parents about these issues can be stressful if you are not already involved with helping them manage their finances.

Sign 4) Losing track of the date or year

Does your parent have difficulty remembering what day it is? How about the month, or the year? If this happens even a few times, you should make note of it to their doctor.

Sign 5) Lapses in judgment

Is your parent no longer acting like themselves? Are they making bad or seemingly rash decisions? Has their spending pattern changed or become excessive? Is he or she showing a lack of knowledge regarding certain safety concerns? You may check with others close to your parents—friends, neighbors, other relatives, and even the neighborhood mailman—for examples of these judgment lapses.

Sign 6) Is your parent missing appointments?

Has your parent forgotten about a family function or a get-together with friends, even if it is something he or she planned? Everyone forgets an event at one time or another, but repeatedly forgetting could be a sign of the onset of dementia.

Helping your aging parents receive residential care in Redwood City

Caring for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia requires a special set of skills. You need to find a physician with experience treating these issues, and staff members who have healthy amounts of both compassion and patience. At East West Care, our residential care facility provides comprehensive and compassionate supervision and management of senior citizens with a variety of needs, including Alzheimer’s. We can take the worry out of caring for your aging parents. To learn more about East West Care or take a tour of our residential home facility, give us a call at (650) 261-3593 to make an appointment.

East West Care is proud to offer residential care for seniors in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area of California.

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