Why a Residential Care Facility Makes Sense

Do you have an elderly family member who is having trouble taking care of themselves due to their age, physical limitations, or a cognitive decline? If so, you might be exploring housing options that will provide them with a higher level of care. You probably know about assisted living, at-home care, and nursing homes, but have you ever heard of or considered residential care? Individuals who are in residential care reside in a regular home, in a regular neighborhood—except the house has been licensed by the state in the same manner as an assisted living facility or nursing home. East West Care is proud to offer residential care for families in the area of Redwood City, California. Read on for a few reasons why a residential care facility might be a great choice for your family member.

Reason 1) A cozy home environment

Although there probably will be an adjustment period after the initial move, the homestyle environment is one of the greatest advantages of choosing residential care. Living in a normal home helps maintain a level of continuity for residents, who often bond quickly with staff and the other residents to form a new “family.”

Reason 2) Less chance of accidents and falls

How is this possible? The limited number of residents also means it is easier for the staff to maintain constant oversight, which helps limit the likelihood of falls and other accidents. Because many residential care homes limit their capacity to just a handful of individuals, residential care homes are able to maintain a low ratio of residents to staff. This means each senior citizen residing in the home is able to receive individualized, one-on-one attention and care.

Reason 3) Peace of mind for families

Residential care homes are known in the senior care industry for offering all-inclusive rates. These rates include the cost of meals, snacks, activities, housekeeping, medication management, as well as assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and toilet use. East West Care is glad to discuss our rates with any interested family.

Reason 4) Greater safety for Alzheimer’s patients

Individuals with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia need a specialized level of care. Seniors with dementia are more liable to attempt to leave their residence or wander off, which can become a tragic situation in a hurry. East West Care is able to take care of residents with dementia. This qualification means that our residential care home may coordinate care for residents with dementia, and that the members of the staff possess the knowledge and training to care for this special type of resident.

5) A greater sense of freedom

Residential care gives your family member the option and ability to continue with their normal life as much as possible. They can go shopping, visit friends and family, or have visitors come and see them.

Residential care in Redwood City

Now that you know some of the most appealing benefits of residential care, choosing this option for your aging relative can be ideal for your entire family. To learn more about East West Care or take a tour of our residential home, give us a call at (650) 421-6175 to make an appointment.

East West Care is proud to offer residential care for seniors in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area of California.

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